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Message from Head

It is my great pleasure to welcome you on the website of the deparment of Chemical & Food Process Engineering (CFPE) at RUET. It is one of the newest departments of RUET, started in 2016, which is under the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ME). The department offers B.Sc. in Chemical & Food Process Engineering degree, enrolling 30 meritorious students each year. 

To keep updated with the 21st century’s knowledge and for the demand of industry and technological innovation, RUET incorporates some new departments like this in recent years. This program merges two broad disciplines: Chemical Engineering and Food Process Engineering. 50% of the course curriculum remains from each subject so that the graduate, after completing the degree, will have equal chance to become chemical engineer or food engineer. Chemical Engineering underlies on thermodynamics, material & energy balances, transport processes, unit operations, reaction engineering, separation processes, process design and control. Food Process Engineering concerns with the various techniques of food preservation processes, food chemistry, food microbiology, value addition processes (as for example enrichment, fortification etc.), various food process technologies, food packaging and so on. The department is committed to recruit highly educated teachers. The department has well-equipped laboratories in all major areas of CFPE for making students practically fit. We regularly review the course curriculum to update with the latest trends in CFPE technologies. Various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are arranged to develop essential skills to shine in their future career.

As the discipline of CFPE is more versatile and enjoyable, so enormous opportunities are awaiting to the graduates of this department. As chemical engineer, they can grow their career in fertilizer, paper, chemical and cement (BCIC), energy (PetroBangla), sugar (BSFIC), pharmaceutical and other allied industries in the private and public sectors. As food engineer, they can be employed in various food industries (as for example Nestle, PRAN, BFSA etc). Skilled engineers of this department are highly demanded abroad and hence increased opportunities will be remained with the graduates.

I hope you will enjoy browsing our website and you will feel free to get in contact with us, as guardian, prospective student, a returning alumnus, or a potential research collaborator. You are most welcome. Hope to see you in this campus near future.

Dr. Mohammad Nurur Rahman
Head of CFPE, RUET